Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Massage

There’s a lot to be thankful for once summer rolls around each year, like the opportunity to get outside and work in the garden, play a round of golf, break out the old tennis racket, or play catch in the back yard. While taking part in these activities is certainly one of summer’s biggest perks, it also puts a lot of stress on the body – a body that has grown quite accustomed to the lazy days of winter. If you’ve recently begun to take part in your favorite warm weather activities, you’ve probably noticed that parts of your body are feeling pretty sore. This is a normal side effect of a sudden increase in physical activity, and it’s also a great reason to get a massage.

It’s true that there really is no bad time to get a massage. Your body can always use a little TLC, but summer really is the time of year when your body is most active. While general soreness may seem normal to many, out-of-shape muscles can take longer to recover from sudden strenuous activity than they do after a regular physical routine. Sore muscles may be tolerable, but they can also limit your mobility and make it harder to take part in the same activities that made you sore in the first place. Getting a massage during this time allows your muscles to recuperate and heal faster, which will help you get back to participating in your favorite summer activities with the vim and vigor you’re used to.

Tennis elbow, shin splints, and back pain are all common during summer months, and the massage therapists at each LaVida Massage + Skincare location are skilled at treating these conditions in a soothing and relaxing environment that lets your mind rejuvenate right along with your body. Whether you’re the perfect candidate for a Swedish Massage, a Sports Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage, or you’d like to relax with your partner during a Couples Massage, the summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. Book an appointment at your nearest LaVida Massage + Skincare location today!