Renewed & Refreshed – Feel the New You!

A massage is very relaxing, whether it’s done by someone you love or by a professional. At LaVida Massage + Skincare, our trained professionals listen to your individual needs and provide an experience achieving a renewed and refreshed feeling – the new you! Just as there are unique individuals, there are different types of massage customized to your individual needs.

At LaVida Massage + Skincare all of our sessions are customized to suite your needs! Are you a track star with tight quads? A customized Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage is right fit for you. Are you a stressed out parent who just needs some ‘me’ time? Then a custom Relaxation Massage or Swedish Massage has your name on it. No matter what your daily stressors are, physical or mental, LaVida Massage + Skincare is there for you.

All of our licensed massage therapists start each massage session off with a consultation to discuss your personal needs and will make suggestions based on the information you provide them. A Custom Massage Session from LaVida Massage + Skincare will help you relax and unwind so you feel renewed and refreshed as you walk out the door.