LaVida Massage + Skincare Gift Cards…the Perfect Gift for Mom

What is Mother’s Day and how can we remind ourselves of the care and sacrifices She has made to make our lives a better one? First of all, Mother’s Day is a day where all Mother’s reserve this day to taking time off from their hectic schedule to try to relax. In order for her to take care of us, She has to take care of herself. What better way of taking time out for herself than giving her the perfect gift of health with a Gift Card for a Custom Therapeutic Massage or Signature Facial Session from LaVida Massage + Skincare.

At LaVida Massage + Skincare, we’re all about sharing, caring, and nurturing the body. Our trained professional Therapists and Estheticians are here to take care of your Mother the way she’s meant to be. Regular therapeutic massage not only helps sore muscles, but it helps revitalize and energize your entire body and mind. Massage helps alleviate stress, headaches, depression and anxiety, to name a few, while facials restore her skin to a youthful, younger appearance.

A Gift Card from LaVida Massage + Skincare says it all: happy, healthy, revitalized and energized. Make her feel refreshed and renewed by giving her the gift of health this Mother’s Day. Let the power of massage give her the gift of health for her to maintain that youthful look with each passing year. Remember, just because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic.

Consider therapeutic massage, from LaVida Massage + Skincare, a necessary part of her health and wellness plan. Give her the gift that keeps on giving and book a session or give her a LaVida Massage + Skincare Gift Card today. She will feel the difference!